Once you've bought the American flag, you'll need to decide where to fly it. The American flag is typically flown on a pole in front of residences by the residents. A flag pole can be mounted in the ground directly or inside a bracket or other support structure.

However, hang the American flag outside to display it instead of utilizing a flag pole. If you want to buy solid color flags for sale in the USA, then you might find great deals in online stores.

Yes, You Can Hang It

In the United States, no rule or regulation forbids private property owners from flying the American flag. The U.S. Flag Code outlines a number of fundamental guidelines for flying the American flag. It does not, however, prevent homes from flying the American flag. The American flag may be flown by hanging on the side of your house if you follow the U.S. Flag Code.

Hang Vertically or Horizontally

Pick a suitable orientation for the American flag if you intend to fly it from the side of your house. The Union should be visible in the upper-left corner of the American flag, following the U.S. Flag Code (to the observer).

The Union must be in the upper-left corner of the American flag, whether it is hung vertically or horizontally. The blue area that houses the stars is, of course, the Union. No matter which way the American flag is facing, it should always be in the upper-left corner.

Give It Clearance

When flying the American flag from the side of your house, you should also allow it space. In other words, keep it away from everything. According to the U.S. Flag Code, the American flag must not touch anything below it. You should provide the American flag at least a few feet of space all around it if you hang it from the side of your house.

Consider a Flag Pole

Although you can fly the American flag outside by hanging it, utilizing a flag pole is the preferred way to do so. The American flag can fly gracefully in the breeze with the help of a flag pole. Perhaps more crucially, it will safeguard the American flag from early deterioration.

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